Property Investing: Different Types

Property investment in itself is not an option. Within property investment you get various different types. Not one of these types can be defined as “the right option”. All of them can be used to generate income. The question just becomes: Which is the right option for you? Let’s look at some property investment types:

Investing in Residential Property: Residential property has always shown good growth, even in times of crisis. This type of investment is very popular because of the great variety in prices and normally big demand. People usually invest in residential property for 2 reasons: Equity and cash flow.

Investing in Commercial property: Commercial property is defined to be “an area that is zoned for businesses”. This can include any property that is occupied with the intent to generate profit. This type of investing is usually more expensive but can generate massive cash flow.

Cash flow Investment Property: The phrase “buy to let” is used when a property is bought for the reason of renting it out for a profit. Market demand plays a big role when this strategy is used. As the demand goes up the renting price will go up resulting in bigger monthly cash flow.

Land investment: This is when land is purchased for personal or commercial use. This type of investment is usually used to generate capital but can be used for monthly income once a structure is built on the land.

Foreclosure Investment Property: This is where you buy a property where the owner is behind on his/her payments. This can be bought from the owner or in some cases from the bank. Capital gains are potentially very big when using this type of investing. The main reason for that is that you are buying from a motivated buyer.

There are a lot of different types of real estate investments. Even under the types mentioned, it branches down with options where each type of investing becomes a science. This is a very large industry, which definitely makes it possible to find the right type of investment, no matter who you are.

To great Success and wealth!


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