Real Estate Investing

Many people think someone is wealthy because that person owns a lot of things. The truth is, you can go broke owning things that don’t generate income. If you’re going to be both rich and poor, be poor first and rich later. Going from rich to poor is miserable!

You need to develop a whole new definition of wealth. Wealth is an income stream. You need to know how to buy property so that it shows a cash flow right from the start. More like an income trickle at first, but it will grow into an income stream and maybe end up as a torrent of wealth.

Becoming a millionaire is very simple. All you need to do is take a dollar and double it.

What’s exciting is when you hit about 20 times. Think about it. After four doubles, you’ll have only $16, but after 10 your total will be $1,024. Then it really begins to snowball, which is exactly the way your real estate portfolio grows — and by the time you’ve doubled your dollar 20 times, you’ll have a total of exactly $1,048,576.

But simple is not the same thing as easy —and the truth is, very few people know how to double a dollar.

If you want to know how it can be done or want to know more about property investing go to the "Real Estate Investing" link below.


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